Frequently Asked Questions


Does getting a tattoo hurt?

When it comes right down to it, that’s what most people really want to know! Actually, getting a tattoo is not very painful nowadays because modern tattoo equipment is such that the needles go in and out of your skin very quickly. You’ll be completely able to carry on a normal conversation while getting your tattoo.

How much does it cost?

Tattoo prices vary according to the size and tattoo designs. Of course, a larger and more complex design will cost more than a smaller, simpler one – that stands to reason. To give you an idea, relatively simple tattoo designs that are quite small will usually cost about $70 or $80. Prices vary though, so the best thing to do is to ask. Bring your design – or just describe it – and we will be able to quote you a price right then and there.

Is it safe?

At Art Addiction Tattoo Studio we use a totally disposable sanitary tattoo system! Every instrument is new before going into a high pressure, high temperature autoclave for approximately one hour. Everything is disposed of after every tattoo, and the entire area sanitized. Our procedure consists of individually wrapped instruments that are only opened in front of you.

Can I bring my own custom design?

Just about any design you can think of can be made into a beautiful Art Addiction Tattoo Work of Art.  You are more than welcome to bring in your own design or pick one of our hundreds of designs that line our walls. If you already know what you want, great, it is very simple to convey your idea to our artists. The easiest way is with a picture. It doesn't matter what the picture is on (keychain, t-shirt, book, drawing...etc.). Even if you can't draw, our guys still love to do the custom work. Just describe it well or even bring in a stick drawing. We can turn it into your dream tattoo on paper right before your eyes!

Can you fix/cover-up a bad tattoo I have?
Our artists have an extensive portfolio of cover-ups and is considered exceptional in this area. Cover-ups require a special skill level. A consult is typically required to determine what imagery is necessary to adequately cover the old work.